Hippocratic Habits - The Science of Success

Hippocratic Habits - The Science of Success

August 09, 20232 min read


Have you ever wondered why you are stuck flatlining on the edge of greatness? Perhaps you've started to see progress, but somehow just can't keep the momentum up. Today, I'm Gary Fahey, the Neuro Stoic, and I help high-performing individuals, teams, and organizations build mental strength, success, and resilience. Combining the science of the mind with the philosophy of action, I'm here to show you a 2,500-year-old practice backed by modern science that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. In this blog post, I'll guide you on how to build your success, identify what is holding you back, and how to overcome it.

Identify What's Holding You Back

One of the greatest inhibitors to success is not your inability to do the necessary things, but your inability to give up what is causing you pain, laziness, excuses, victimhood, blame, stories of struggle, and sadness. Start with a brutal self-examination. Identify the actions, relationships, and behaviors that are hurting you or keeping you stuck. What are you avoiding that could lead you towards your vision of success?

Craft a Clear Vision of Success

To move towards success, create a clear, conscious, and compelling vision of yourself in the future. Envision a version of you six weeks, six months, or six years from now who has achieved the success you desire. Be hyper-specific about this vision and understand the daily thoughts, decisions, and actions that this successful version of you engages in.

Align Your Actions with Your Vision

Shift your focus from the past to the future version of you. Start engaging your direct experience neural network by taking action. Choose one behavior from your future self's daily activities and start implementing it. Make it big enough to make a difference but small enough that you can consistently engage with it every day. As you build success in this area, your confidence will grow, making it easier to add more activities that align with your future self.

Embrace Congruence for Success

The ultimate objective is congruence, where your actions align with your story of success. Live a congruent life where what you say and what you do are in harmony. By stacking actions, thoughts, and decisions that mirror your future self, you will move closer to congruence and success. Don't stop, be relentless, and keep pushing yourself forward.


Chase success with determination and honesty. Identify the obstacles that are holding you back and be prepared to let go of them. Craft a clear vision of your future self and start taking actionable steps to align your actions with that vision. Embrace congruence by living in alignment with your aspirations. With relentless dedication, you will achieve the success you desire and deserve.

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