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And STOP struggling in silence
Take the fight out of your struggles and build confidence in your ability to find YOUR peace. Strong Men'd offers practical, solutions focused structures to give you a fighting chance.
I have been there, I understand and I CAN help.
Gary Fahey

Waste no more time arguing over what a good man should be. 
Be one.

Marcus Aurelius

One on One Coaching
No matter where you are in life or what struggles you are facing, they didn't arrive overnight - and while the pathway back can be just as long, it can also be a lot tougher. 

But there are steps, structures and systems you can put in place to narrow down both the pain and the process.

One on one coaching takes the learning's of Gary's 20 year journey to rock bottom, the discovery, trial and error and success of his pathway out and delivers it in a unique style that combines the step by step process with honest accountability and unwavering understanding.

You don't deserve to stay a day longer in uncertainty. Forge your own way forward with custom support designed to take you from mistake maker to responsibility taker in 12 weeks or less. 

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WARNING: Private Coaching Is Limited To 12 People. 7 Spots Filled
Public Speaking

Keynote Speaking | Panel Discussion | Interviews | Workshops | Small Group Sessions

Following his own mantra of ‘Be Brutal’, Gary’s brutal honesty about his own journey make him a public speaker like no other.
Masters level education meets Mt. Druitt manner makes Gary as adept to the boardroom as the bar room, using his lived experience to convert the academic to the actual. His vulnerable delivery and ‘tested on humans’ approach to dealing with the struggles strong men often face in silence gives him a connection to the audience that is unobtainable for many in this field.

Gary delivers an honest and authentic appraisal of his own misgivings, an insight into his own battles with depression, anxiety and addiction and the path he forged to find his own peace – taking the audience on a discovery tour of his 20 year journey from the top of the mountain to rock bottom, the understanding, trial and error and success of his pathway out and delivers it in a unique style that combines the step by step process with honest accountability and human delivery.

Gary pulls no punches in not only identifying the number one reason why many strong men struggle, but also what it takes to stop the fight inside.
To have Gary speak at your event or to your team please enquire here: Booking Enquiries
While all speeches and workshops are tailored to the user needs Gary’s signature topics include:

• Dealing with the U you don’t talk about
               - Your symptoms don’t matter – we all have the same problem

• What Mike Tyson can teach us about workplace mental health
               - Modern-day business places mental health at the very top of its     
                 communication strategy but the bottom of its cultural strategy

• You can’t spell blame without ME
                - The victim determines the level of success
                - Why it needs to be your fault
                - Why the blame game has no winners

• P yourself: the 8 strategies everybody can use to go from pieces to peace
                - Every success in life is simple, yet none come easy. After a 10-year battle 
                  and a 3-year journey of discovery, trial and error, research, understanding, 
                  (some pain) and great success I have found 8 strategies that combine to help
                  any person turn their test into their testimony. 

Speak with Gary about the goals for your event/organisation. Gary’s vast experience, wealth of knowledge and willingness to open himself up will ensure delivery on your objectives 

To have Gary speak at your event or to your team please enquire here: Booking Enquiries
Strong Men'd Evolution Challenge

May Challenge Postponed Due To Covid-19

Strong Men'd Evolution is a program like no other - a 76 hour challenge designed to take you out of your comfort zone, dropping you in the middle of Hell to rebuild your physical, mental and emotional standards. 

Designed by some of Australia's elite military and policing operators together with skilled, experienced and expert motivation and mindset coaches Strong Men'd crushes your toxic cognition (negative belief systems) and breaks down your physical, mental and emotional trauma before rebuilding it step by step.

Strong Men'd provides a safe environment for all to share, support and succeed with like minded individuals and coaches who have all been there and are willing to stand side by side with you on your journey from mistake maker to responsibility taker.

While the challenge itself covers a little over a 3 day weekend the program provides pre and post challenge support to not only help you discover your path, but to support you in re-calibrating, rebuilding and renewing providing the proven systems and structures and complete accountability - both from your coaches and your peers.

If you are struggling, if you have something to fight for and you are up for a challenge, Strong Men'd has changed lives and can change yours.
Please note: due to the government restrictions regarding Covid-19 applications are currently closed, however you can follow our Strong Men'd Facebook page for more information and support: Strong Men'd

Are U up for the Challenge?

The Strong Men'd Evolution Challenge isn't for everyone. Every challenge is only open to 12 hand selected men willing to put in the hard yards, accept some hard truths and face the hard reality of where they are at.

Strong Men'd is not a health and wellness retreat, but you will be set on a path to assess, correct and rebuild your fitness.

Strong Men'd is not a yoga retreat but you will be exposed to techniques that will help you find your passion, your purpose and your peace.

Strong Men'd is not a business retreat but you will be set up with the skills, systems, structures and support to excel in any aspect of your life.

Strong Men'd is not a Whoo Whoo Guru, but you will be given a birds eye look at how some of Australia's toughest men have faced adversity, pain and suffering and forged their way forward - then we'll show you how.

You may have known for a while or just come to the realisation that all is not right in your life. If you have lost your focus, your purpose or your way. If you are beginning to question your identity or just simply have no idea where you are going AND you are prepared for a FIGHT then Strong Men'd may be for you. 

Complete our application form and we'll be in touch with more information about Strong Men'd and whether you're ready. 

Commit | Compete | Complete

Externally Bulletproof
Internally Brittle
Due for release August 2021
It started out as somewhat of a sarcastic stab at my own importance - to be titled And One Other. As the Executive Officer to the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police I was responsible for almost anything required by the Commissioner that nobody else was responsible for. Office management, strategic support, social media, close protection and security, briefings, driver, counsel, travelling office and the list goes on. I was, in effect, the Commissioner’s ‘insignificant’ other and needed to be Externally Bulletproof.
I would often joke as we sat side by side on many flights and long drives that should the unimaginable happen, the newspaper article would no doubt begin with ‘The Australian Federal Police Commissioner and one other…….’ I, of course, being And One Other.

Fast forward to November 2016 and my deep internal battles were about to be exposed. I was about to learn how one could become to feel significantly insignificant. As significant as I would become as a ‘story’, it would be five days before anyone from the AFP would ask me whether I needed any support. A stark contrast to the concern I was later told existed for my health.

Reality of my worth to people I valued set in.

While this drew the full gamut of emotions, over the coming days, weeks and months, as time moved on so too did my desire for understanding – less of why people I had metaphorically bled for would now disown me when my greatest battle was beginning, and more of how does a seemingly normal, loved, successful and smart guy find himself in the depths of a ‘knowing’ self-destruction.

I had known for a long time before November 2016 that something was wrong, but I understood very little about what it was and even less about what to do about it.

I knew one thing for sure though – I needed it to end. That could have been solved (for me only) very quickly.

I was in the depths of struggle with depression and gambling addiction and neither was my biggest issue.

It became apparent that my ‘And One Other’ was not just a metaphor but was me. A second self that was at times as far from my own awareness as it was to others. A version of me that was never talked about. There was an honesty needed that I couldn’t find to confront it - this secret version of a man not understood by me, but most definitely within me. I may have become Externally Bulletproof, but I was Internally Brittle.

I was not yet prepared for what was needed to fully understand, accept and defeat what was before me (and I wouldn’t be for some time) but I was even less ready to give up.

I have lost over a million dollars, my career and my reputation and, in some macabre twist, it could become the best thing that ever happened to me.

I am neither happy, nor proud of this statement.

I wish I had never lost a dollar, let alone a million. I worked tirelessly at a career full of challenges and threw it all down the toilet and I am more ashamed of hurting, lying to and manipulating my family than I may ever recover from.

But I am alive and have been gifted the opportunity to change. To change my life, and potentially save others.

Depression and gambling have cost me almost everything I have – family and loved ones, friends, more money than I would like to count, my dignity and very nearly my life. None of what I have done, or those I have hurt, need excuses – and none will be offered …..
…….but a deeper understanding of the inner thoughts, the actions and reactions of someone who has taken this rocky road may well be the antidote to someone else’s pain, may offer hope to others knowing that their thoughts, feelings, actions and struggles do not make them a pariah, may allow loved ones a deeper understanding of these afflictions and the actions of sufferers and, while I am far from ‘fixed’, an insight into the research, knowledge, practises and support that has given me hope that not only will I succeed in this battle, but that I will, in perhaps some dark way, be a better person for it.

My life, as with yours, has been filled with external influences. Some greater and some less than others. Some more forceful and some subtle but everything bad, just as everything good, that has happened in my life, I am responsible for. I have made terrible choices and taken dreadful actions tens, hundreds and thousands of times during dark periods of my life. The next phase of my life needs to be focused on ensuring those choices shape any legacy I leave.

Being Externally Bulletproof but Internally Brittle is the not the story, it’s the path.
Online Coaching

Coming Soon - August 2021

Due to the success of his One on One Coaching program Gary is currently building an online guided version that will allow more clients to be provided this unique blend of solutions focused training, accountability and support.

Online coaching is expected to be live in August 2021

About Gary

Mistake Maker to Responsibility Taker

From mistake maker to responsibility taker, Gary spent almost 20 years with the Australian Federal Police building a career that included such prestigious roles as leading the team responsible for the close protection of Australia’s Prime Minister, managing the Office of Commissioner, international liaison and orchestrating several overseas missions.

Riding high but living a lie, in late 2016 disaster struck.

Delivered by his own hand, Gary’s life collapsed around him as years silently and privately battling mental health issues including depression, anxiety and addiction spiralled out of control.

Gary’s destruction had cost well over a million dollars, his family, his career, his reputation and by the time his story leaked to the media there was nowhere else to hide. It became obvious to him there were only two ways out - Fight or Fold.

Battling the darkest of demons Gary began the process of understanding EVERYTHING he could about his behaviour, his habits, his escape and himself. It was punishing, it was painful but it was positive.

Gary learned from, worked with and trained under experts from around the world and over the course of 18 months developed his own systems, structure and stability to turn his own life around.

Knowing all too well he couldn’t 'saw sawdust' and change the past, Gary has made it his sole focus to do the ‘next right thing’ and focus forward, continuing to work on himself by dedicating his efforts to helping as many ‘blokes’ as he can avoid finding the depths that he did, or helping to drag them out through a mix of honesty, experience and action.

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